Best Life Advice from Mom

Here at Levana, we think Mother's Day should be everyday. The wonderful role models in our life are often mothers full of wisdom and grace. While we show appreciation to our own mothers, let's not forget our stepmothers, second mothers, grandmothers, caregivers, and even your friends’ moms. These people, who have shown us unconditional love, deserve to be recognized. In our reflection, we wanted to share some wisdom and advice that we have gained over the years from our own mothers.

Advice for new moms:

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air, every day.

Trust us on this. Stepping outside for a few minutes breathe deeply will help you reset and ground yourself – especially during such a big change in your life.

Enjoy the first couple of weeks with your newborn company free.

Enjoy this time recovering in bed and getting to know your baby. While your relatives or friends may want to visit right away, it is okay to give yourself some time before having company over. Whether your body needs to recover (because delivering a baby is hard!) or you are meeting your baby for the first time, this is a big change in your life. Let yourself enjoy it.

Always accept help offered by friends and family.

From small gestures to grand, when the people you love offer to help, we encourage you to take it! From household chores or meal prep, to watching your baby while you shower or sleep; these will make a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.

Life advice from mom:

There are three critical things for a happy marriage: Love, Trust, and a Prenup.

This one made us giggle; at the end of the day, you must put yourself first! Healthy relationships are rooted in love and trust, and while a prenup may not be important for everyone – it is certainly good advice!

The most important part of the car are the brakes

Brakes provide you with the ability to stop in an instant. Accidents happen, well maintained brakes can help prevent mishaps from occurring, protecting yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians. Always be sure to keep your brakes well maintained!

Always be yourself. No one is more qualified to be you.

Being true to yourself will allow those that share similar values to come into your life and create meaningful relationships. You are uniquely wonderful, live everyday knowing this!

    If you put your mind to it, you can do it.

    The mind is a powerful tool. If you use it with good intent, you can achieve anything – within reason of course. While time travel may be a bit of a stretch, achieving greatness within your life is possible, and probable when you put your mind to it.


      We would love to know, what advice or wisdom has stuck with you over the years?