We Launched a Kickstarter!

It was Wednesday February 5th. We had been working on our Kickstarter campaign for months now and we were finally ready to launch. What a strange feeling it was, excitement and fear, all at the same time. Ecstatic to finally share this with so many people who were wondering where we’d been for the last three years, but also terrified… What if they don’t love it? Surrounded by all my colleagues, it was time to push the “Go Live” button! After 5 minutes we had our first backer, and then our second. We hadn’t even shared it anywhere yet. We had no idea how they found it, but they supported us. It was in that moment that I knew it would be a success.

Within 24 hours we were sold out of our first tier! We knew we wanted to get these first units out to our supporters as soon as possible. We wanted to hear their feedback! It was when our Customer Experience Team let us know that some of our supporters were within an hour's drive, that my boss, Raj, the Founder of Levana, came up with the idea to hand deliver the few couple of units. Before the end of the day we were on the road to Stoney Creek and Niagara on the Lake to personally drop off two Mila units to families who believed is us, believed in our product, and supported our campaign.

What a whirlwind experience this has been. Here at Levana we start every day with an emotional keyword for how we’re feeling. Some days we felt excited, motivated, determined, pumped… others were more difficult, feeling overwhelmed, skeptical, tired… This project has been an emotional rollercoaster for several people behind the scenes on our Team. I guess that’s what happens when you put everything you have into a project. And we couldn’t be more excited to see that you guys believe in what we’re doing.